Charles Gardner


I believe the best reviews come directly from the people I've helped. Here is a growing list: 


“I am a regenerative medicine physician. Charles is conservative with his younger patients. He appropriately teaches them agility and body control before strength training. Dedicated and knowledgeable. Highly recommended.“ 

—Dr. Charles Lee, Regenerative Physician 

“Charles Gardner is an excellent strength coach. He starts at your pace and does not just start you on "10." He shows up to all of our appointments and is a very knowledgeable and funny guy. Great to work with.“  — R. Jewell 

“Synergy Strength has been a part of my life on and off for the past six years. Every morning, Charles provides my circuit trainings with six key elements as my first goal: Strength & Endurance-He leads by example until I am comfortable with the exercise routine. Emotional Intelligence-He provides a safe and welcoming environment. Communication Skills-He listens and will do what is best. You are receiving a counseling session as a bonus! Patience-He does not overload you-He is very specific to your needs. Technical knowledge-He is very crafty. I am very pleased with Charles’ fitness expertise. I am now in the phase of adding proper nutrition as my second goal. I know that Charles will help me conquer this challenge. My last goal will be to combine both diet & nutrition. This program is packaged just right for me!” 
— K. Fearn 

“We like Charles’s approach to physical training. He is very friendly, and is easy to like and work with. Charles very thoughtfully creates a professionally-tailored program for each individual customer, based on the customer’s specific physical abilities, needs, and goals. We would recommend Charles to anyone, old or young, male or female, that is considering hiring a trainer.” — T. Brockwell President of BTI  

“Charles is a very patient, understanding trainer that has this fitness thing down to a science. He knows a lot of technical stuff about it as far as how you should take care of yourself and how to prevent injury. He's very open to listening and just an overall personable guy to hang with/train with. He goes above and beyond for me and I appreciate all the help he's given me. He's done a lot for me in a short amount of time, although my journey is not complete, I'm seeing the difference in myself and look forward to the future.” 
— J. Richards 

“Having known and trained with Charles for years, he has always been so on it about the nutrition behind the training, and during my pregnancy, it all paid off. I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes and the knowledge that he's been preaching all these years not only helped me control my diabetes with diet, but when i gave birth to my daughter, I ended up weighing less than when I found out I was pregnant! I felt so much healthier this pregnancy than with my first, and I really can say it all had to do with changing how I ate and the relationship with food that Charles has been advocating for.”  

—Hannah C. (Synergy Strength Alumni)

“Charles  Gardner and the Synergy Strength training program produced massive gains in my weight training. I came to Charles in 2013 needing a change in my overall health and he did just that! I was able to max my potential and hit PRs that I had never been able to achieve prior. 

His training regiment put me in prime position to compete at a higher level which led to a walk on opportunity at The University of West Alabama. He prepared me for NFL Regional Combines and tryouts, and he possesses the overall knowledge to help any athlete prepare for their particular sport. 

Charles Gardner is exceptional at his craft and I would highly recommend him anyone looking for a good trainer.”

—Dresden Williams, Defensive Coach at Hazel Green High School (Synergy Strength Alumni)


"First, I love me some Charles Gardner!  His depth of talent and knowledge proved to be just what I needed. Although I no longer live close enough to train with Charles, I continue to use the skills that he taught. Not only does he teach but offers encouragement beyond measure. If you're looking for a trainer that can assist you in achieving your goals, I highly recommend Charles!"

—Dewanna Comer (Synergy Strength Alumni)

“I’ve been working with Charles the past couple of months. 
We have focused on strength training and full body workouts. 
With my recent ankle injury , Charles was able to adjust my workouts and help with my recovery.” 

—Keaton Lance Hartselle high school





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